William Robson
born 6 August 1912
  in Chilton Moor, Co. Durham
died very roughly 1982

Details from Maureen Brown (née Robson). Mentioned (as 'Willie') in postcards between his mother and father (at the front during WWI).

Maureen supplies the following account of his life:
'My father ran away when his mother died. He was found sitting on his grandmother's doorstep after the funeral. It was a lot to cope with to lose your father at age 9 and then your mother at age 12. Dad had to leave school and earn some money to help out his grandmother, who he went to live with, so he became a blacksmith's apprentice. His grandmother then died when Dad was 14 and he was then sent to live with Luke's sister who always said Luke was a bully (which my father hated and vigorously denied). All in all he had a very dysfunctional childhood. Because he ran off and was full of resentment he actually never had anything to keep; no pictures and no letters etc. I am told that when I was younger I looked exactly like Sarah, but of course can't verify this. My father absolutely adored Luke [senior], who used to take him to Newcastle United—Dad was an avid supporter all his life. [...] William married my mother, Nora Ellen Kelly in Houghton le Spring in 1936 and eventually went to work as an engineer fitter for Hanley Page. He was exempt from WWII due to his work on the aircrafts in London at the time. [...] My father was landlord of the Londonderry Arms in Fence Houses. [...] Moved to London in 1963 when [he] became manager of an ex-servicemen’s club'.