Jon Coe

Personal Statement

Until recently I worked for Evi Technologies (formerly True Knowledge), an AI company focused on question answering, latterly as an engineer specialising in metrics and monetisation. I joined in 2005 (employee number 1!) as a developer, taken on to build, completely from scratch, the Web front end to the system’s back end and database. I was a key member of the company, and took on a variety of roles within it (e.g. patent editing and diagram drawing). I formed and managed the Knowledge Team, one of the two core teams in the company, and built it up to nine staff with two team leads reporting to me. When the company was restructured early in 2011, it became clear that it needed someone to take an engineering approach to page monetisation and traffic analysis, a challenge that I was excited to take on. The focus of my role later shifted more to the production of KPIs and ad hoc data analysis for the company.