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All pages are intended to work under the following browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge. Other browsers will work more or less well (I know that IE5 for Mac doesn't cope at all). If you want to access my site on an unsupported browser, email me, and we'll work something out (I'll probably try to persuade you to use Firefox!).
PHPPHP powered
This site uses PHP 5.6 (all typed by my own fair hand).
All pages should conform to the HTML 5 document type. (Let me know if you find a non-conforming page!) Pretty much all of the layout is controlled by <div>s and CSS.
CSSCSS level 3
This site uses CSS level 3.
The CV page uses Javascript to generate page content dynamically (i.e. navigation within the page doesn't require the reloading of the whole page). This was an experimental feature, but it works so well that I'm planning to start using it in the genealogy pages too.
An RSS feed is available to alert avid visitors whenever I do something with the site. It's RSS 2.0 generated by PHP from a basic text file (which is also used for the content on the homepage). The feed location is: http://joncoe.me.uk/feed.rss
MySQLMySQL powered
My family tree data is held in a MySQL database. I'm currently running version 5.5.
If you want to get in touch about any aspect of the website, email me: contact address. Click here to see the Privacy Policy for the site.