Privacy Policy

This site keeps track of visitors with a combination of cookies and a database of users. Accepting cookies is not essential to the use of the site, though it will work better if you do.

If you accept cookies from this website, it will put two on your computer: one permanent cookie, which stores a user ID; and one temporary cookie, known as a session cookie, which is removed automatically as soon as you close the browser.

Information about each visitor to the site is stored in a database. Unless you have requested, and been granted, special access privileges to restricted parts of the site, the information stored is anonymous. For each visitor the database records:
  • the IP address
  • the browser and operating system of the computer on which the visit was made
  • whether or not a cookie was accepted
  • the display preferences selected by the visitor
  • the date and time of the visit
If you have special access privileges, the database also records your name and security code.

If you would like to know what information is stored about you in my database, or if you would like me to delete information about you from my records, please email me with your request and your user ID (): contact address