William Holmes
born 2 September 1802
  in Daddry Shield, Co. Durham
died 11 August 1832

1802: FreeReg has a transcription of the baptismal record: he was born at Pinfold House (Daddry Shield) on 2 September, the second son of William Holmes and Mary Dixon (recorded as maiden name, presumably), and baptised on the 4th in St John's Chapel.

According to Barbara Dickinson: 'William was murdered in 1832 apparently, by John Price, a poacher.' Amanda has further information from the Durham Advertiser: 'It all started on Stanhope Hope in Weardale. [...] William was on this moor with some other people watching as a man by the name of Fenwick (gamekeeper) was being attacked by some poachers. William intervened and had one of the poachers on the ground, when a man by the name of John Price came behind him and hit the back of his skull with the butt end of his gun. Price was wounded by another watcher, taken into custody, and then on to Durham goal, and committed on the Coroner's warrant for wilful murder. William died while undergoing the operation of trepanning. The deceased bore an excellent character and was, generally speaking, a quiet inoffensive man.' Audrey Thorogood specifies 11 August as the date of death.

Buried 14 August 1832 according to Amanda.