William Holmes
born April 1770–April 1771
  in Stanhope, Co. Durham
died 29 April 1839
  in Waldridge Fell, Co. Durham

According to John Holmes the evidence for supposing that William was the son of Richard Holmes and Jane Little is that: a) his date of birth (as deduced from his age at death) fits with a gap in the known births of Richard and Jane; b) one of the witnesses to William's marriage was Thomas, son of Richard and Jane; c) a William Holmes witnessed the marriage of Mary, daughter of Richard and Jane.

Place of birth from Margaret Cozens—I'm not sure what the evidence for this is.

1798–1800: described as a 'native of this parish' (i.e. St John's Chapel), and a miner, at the time of daughter Martha's, and son Thomas's, baptism.

1802: living at Pinfold House, Daddry Shield, and working as a miner at the time of his son William's baptism.

1821: living at Daddry Shield, and working as a miner at the time of his son Adam's baptism.

1839: I have a copy of the death certificate. Died aged 68. Occupation Collier. Cause of death: Gradual Decay. The death was registered by his son Ralph on the 2 May.

1843: described as deceased by time of son Adam's marriage, where profession is said to be lead miner.