William Francis Baron
born July–September 1896
  in Tredegar, Monmouthshire
died 1950–1960

Grandpa refers to:
'[...] my half brother who I only met once when I was little more than a toddler if that, on a Sunday morning I used to be taken down to the Cantref where the regulars used to make a fuss of me, of course there was no Sunday opening then, but the bar was always open! On this particular Sunday a stranger picked me up and swung me over his head, and one of the regulars said thats your brother Bill from America, those words seem burnt into my brain. [...] Bill would seem to be approx 30 at this time, he died in America in the 50s.'

Grandpa thinks there might have been some sparse communication with his half-brother Bill in America but he doesn't remember when or how (he says Grandma was the one who did letter-writing, for his side of the family as well as her own). He thinks Bill died in Chicago in the fifties, and he seems to remember that he left Rose a legacy of £10!

1896: The birth of a William Francis Baron is recorded in Bedwelty district in the September quarter of 1896 (11a115). Bedwellty registration district covered Tredegar at the time.

1901 census: the Thomas Baron, 32, of the 1901 census must actually be Joseph Baron, Sr, (Grandpa's father), as the William Francis Baron, 4, of that census return is surely this Bill Baron.

1911 census: living at 99 North Street, Abergavenny (a house of six rooms) with his father, brother, uncle, and a housekeeper. He is aged 14, born in Tredegar, and working as a locomotive engine cleaner (for the London and North Western Railway).