Victor Douglas Hart
born 7 August 1918
  in Gloucester, Gloucestershire
died 20 April 1941
  in Shannon

Donald: 'the rising star of the Hart brothers and the only one to go on to Grammar School—"Sir Thomas Riches" in Gloucester. I don't know if he made it to the Sixth Form but he joined the Air Force Volunteer Reserve at the minimum age and was a sergeant pilot in Coastal Command. I also knew him as someone who played the trumpet in the band of the Gloucestershire Hussars Territorials. Perhaps they took any willing body in the band. He married sweet Molly Burrows of Millbrook St: Gloucester and died not long after—either shot down, or crashed, off Ireland. His grave is in Gloucester cemetery in the section set aside for WW2 Service victims.'

Reg Chamberlain: Died 'Shannon Eire (D.O.A.S.)'