Thomas Baron
born March–September 1865
  in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire
died July–September 1880
  in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire

1871 census: aged 5. Born in Abergavenny.

1872: Father Thomas's diary records: "Took Springfield Cottage Cantrif October 11 1872. Came in October 22 1872." Rose adds: 'could well be the cottage next-door-but-one to the Cantref (with Auntie Violet's little cottage in between)'.

The death of a Thomas Barron aged 15 is recorded in the September quarter of 1880 in Abergavenny.

Thomas's brother, Joseph, is referred to as Thomas in the 1901 census. It is not clear whether this was deliberate or accidental.