Samuel Seaborn Robertson
born April 1799–April 1800
  in Cam, Gloucestershire
died 17 June 1866
  in Gloucester, Gloucestershire

Details from from Peter Smith:
'bp 20 Apr 1800, Cam; d 17 Jun 1866 (obstruction of bowels), 7 Eastgate St, Gloucester, bur 17 Jun 1866, Duntisbourne Abbots, Glos; Butcher, of Hempstead (1825), Littleworth (1828), South Hamlet (1831), 7 Eastgate St (1841-66): freeholder by 1866; (Will 19 Dec 1864, pb 10 Jul 1866, Gloucester: trustee & exor GEORGE HAINE of Over, Churcham, Glos, to pay dau MARY JANE ELIZABETH WHEELER £12 pa from freehold property in Gloucester, surplus of rents to son GEORGE & heirs; trustee to sell property if thinks desirable; said property to son GEORGE; personal property to be divided by trustee between son & dau; effects under £600, no leaseholds).'