Robert Coe
born July–September 1852
  in Shiney Row, Co. Durham
died 24 November 1876
  in Nettlesworth, Co. Durham

1852: Audrey Thorogood says that he was born 1852/53 at Boundary House, Shiney Row, Co. Durham. He's probably the Robert Coe whose birth was registered in the September quarter of 1852 in Chester-le-Street district (10a256).

1875: On their marriage certificate Robert's profession is 'Coalminer', residence is Nettlesworth, and his father is named as Joseph Coe (deceased). He gives his age as 20.

1875: Still in Nettlesworth at time of daughter Hannah's baptism.

1876: According to Margaret Cozens, Robert 'died at Nettlesworth and was buried 27th November 1876, aged 24 years, at St Peters Church, Sacriston.' Audrey Thorogood adds (from the death certificate) that he died on the 24th, and that his cause of death was TB.

Despite the fact that Robert died 9 years before his birth, William Coe, Hannah's son, gives 'Robert Coe (deceased)' as his father on his marriage certificate.