Robert Baron
born April 1808–April 1811
  in Adlington, Lancashire
died 7 April 1874
  in Wigan, Lancashire

1830: described as an engineer at time of marriage, according to Harry Jack.

1831–35: in the baptismal record for each of his first three children he is described as an engineer, living in Adlington.

1840: living in Pemberton at the time of the birth of daughter Jane. He registered the birth (apparently unable to sign his name) and is described as an engineer.

1841 census: living with wife and children on Lady Lane, Pemberton. Age is 30–34, born in county. Occupation is engineer. Harry Jack notes that 'the 1840s Ordnance 6" map shows Lady Lane in Pemberton, a half-mile country road running south-east to the hamlet of Goose Green, nearly 2 miles south-west from Wigan town centre, so quite rural in those days'.

1849: described as an engineer on his wife's death certificate.

1851 census: living with children at Eccles Mill Yard, St George, Wigan. Age is 42, born in Adlington. Occupation is 'engine tenter cotton mill'.

1857: occupation is engineer at time of son Thomas's marriage.

1871 census: living alone at 52 Baron's Yard, Lower Morris St. Age is 60, born in Adlington, and occupation is labourer.

1874: Entry from Thomas Baron's diary: 'Robert there Father Died April 7. 1874 and was Buired at Standish Church Apl. 10.'. Harry Jack has a copy of the death certificate:
Died 7th April 1874 at 5 Baron's Yard, Lime Street, Scholes, Wigan. Age 64, Engine tenter. Cause of death: Natural Causes. Information received from Ralph Darlington, Coroner for Wigan, Springfield, Wigan. Inquest held 9th April 1874. Registered 10th April 1874. Robert Halliwell, Registrar.