Reginald Frederick Hart
born 27 October 1914
  in Gloucester, Gloucestershire
died 8 July 1994
  in Arbroath

Donald: 'joined the RN as a boy and trained as a Telegraphist. Moved to the Fleet Air Arm as a Telegraphist/Air Gunner (with a Leading Rate) and served on the venerable Swordfishes (slow moving, torpedo carrying bi-planes with open cockpits) through WW2. Rating Air Crew were phased out after the war and he was commissioned as an Observer. I think he was mostly in helicopters but finished out his service time as a Lieutenant Commander and Operations officer at the Royal Naval Air Station, Ford. That was near Littlehampton. He might have managed a petrol station in the area after leaving the RN. Leslie would have information on Raymond [sic] as they were almost contemporaries.'

Info from Reg Chamberlain