Percy Thomas Hart
born 8 October 1900
  in Gloucester, Gloucestershire
died very roughly 1970

1901 census: living at 28 Hopewell St, Gloucester, with parents and siblings. Age 5 months, born Gloucester.

Donald: 'joined the Gloucestershire Hussars (10th or 11th) at the age of 14 as a bugler. He rose steadily through the ranks and did well with competitive horse events, winning many cups, tankards, plates and such. As he was a batchelor, these were proudly displayed by his sister, Doris, at her home in Findley Rd [...] Legend has it that he played polo for his regiment, when in India, which was pretty good going for a ranker. He was a Regimental Sergeant Major at the time of his capture at the great collapse of Brit forces in Tobruk during WW2. He must have been a POW in Germany for three years and received a commission there. He finished his full time in the Service as a Captain QM. I think he married a widow who owned some hair dressing salons—must have been Lincoln or Nottingham way—and he opened a riding school there.'

Date of birth from Reg Chamberlain.