Miles Hart
born 22 January 1902
  in Gloucester, Gloucestershire
died 1969

Lived at The Splatt, nr Frampton on Severn. Worked at Frampton Court as an ostler.

Donald: 'lived in The Mill House at Stonehouse, nr. Stroud, when I was a kiddy, then moved to Frampton Cotterel. He had been in the Yeomanry, served in Egypt for a while. It must have been the Somerset Yeomanry as I don't think there was a Gloucestershire Yeomanry. He once shipped out as a coal trimmer (lowest of the low) in the Merchant Navy and had to be rescued by his brothers at the end of his first voyage. He must have had three kiddies.'

Date of birth from Reg Chamberlain (who only gives two children).

Date of death from from Wayne Clutterbuck (his grand-nephew).