Mary Dixon
born February 1775–February 1776
  in St John's Chapel, Co. Durham
died 18 January 1849
  in Daddry Shield, Co. Durham

According to Barbara Dickinson 'Mary Dixon of Burnfoot, daughter of George Dixon' was baptised on the 18th February 1776 in St John the Baptist church, St Johns Chapel. Burnfoot is an area of St Johns Chapel.

1798: described as a 'native of this parish' (i.e. St John's Chapel) at the time of daughter Martha's baptism.

1802: living at Pinfold House, Daddry Shield at the time of her son William's baptism.

1821: living at Daddry Shield at the time of her son Adam's baptism.

1841 census: (as Holms) living in Waldridge with children (assuming Anthony and Francis are her children). Age is 60–64, born in county.

1849: died 18 January 1849 in Daddry Shield according to one Whitfield Gardiner (via Barbara Dickinson). Audrey Thorogood says that she was buried 22 January 1848, age 72, at St John's Chapel—the date fits, but not the year. Given that FreeBMD has a record of the death of a Mary Holmes in Weardale in the March quarter of 1849 (v.24, p.265), but not one in 1848, I assume 1849 is correct.