Martha Davies
born May 1830–March 1831
  in Rowlstone, Herefordshire
died July–September 1899
  in Hereford, Herefordshire

According to Maureen Farrimond: 'Martha was baptised 27th March 1831, Rowlstone.'

1841 census: living at Crossway House, Rowlstone, aged 10. Said to have been born in the county.

1851 census: (surname spelt Davis) living with parents and siblings at Crossway House, Rowlstone. Aged 19, born in Rowlstone.

1855: a spinster aged 23 at time of marriage.

1861 census: living with husband and a visitor (Priscilla Thomas) at Wigga, Dulas. Aged 28, born in Rowlstone.

1871 census: living with husband, daughter, and three lodgers (widow Caroline Price and her sons) at Wigga, Dulas. Aged 38, born in Rowlstone.

1881 census: living with husband, daughters, and four boarders at New Row, Holmer. Aged 48, born in Rowlstone.

1891 census: living with husband, children, nephews, and a boarder at 17 Millbrook Street, Holmer. Aged 59, born in Rowlstone. Holmer is on the outskirts of Hereford.

1899: the death of a Martha Williams, aged 67, is recorded in Hereford district in the September quarter of 1899 (6a338).