Joseph Davies
born 1800–1806
  in Cwmyoy, Monmouthshire
died 1861–1871

1823: described as 'of Abbey Dore' at time of marriage.

1841 census: Joseph Davies, 'Mason', is living in Rowlstone. In the Age 35–39 category. Said to have been born in the county. Living at Crossway House.

1841: described as a mason on son Job's birth certificate.

1847: described as a mason on daughter Eliza's marriage certificate.

1851 census: (surname spelt Davis) living with wife and childen at Crossway House, Rowlstone. Aged 45, born in Cwmyoy, Mon. Described as a 'master mason employing 6 men'.

1855: described as a mason on daughter Martha's and son Elijah's marriage certificates.

1861 census: living at Balls Cross, Rowlstone (surname spelt 'Davis'), aged 60. This time said to have been born in Abbey Dore, Mon. Now described as 'Agricultural Labourer'.

Wife Grace is described as a widow at the time of the 1871 census. The death of a Joseph Davies aged 66 is recorded in the Hereford district in June 1868 (6a313).

Although there is still room for uncertainty over his place of birth, Cwmyoy seem most likely, as, from the places of birth of his three oldest children, Joseph and his wife moved to Cwmyoy after marrying (and I assume that the usual custom is for a couple to marry in the wife's village and then move to the husband's village). However... an assistant at the National Library of Wales has looked through the Bishops' Transcripts for Cwmyoy for the period 1799–1807 for me, and failed to find any entry for a Joseph Davies.

Maureen Farrimond believes (from DNA links on Ancestry) that Joseph's parents were James Davies and Mary Miles from Abbey Dore.