Joseph Baron
born 25 February 1921
  in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire
died 11 September 2018
  in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire

Birth recorded in the Family Bible: 'Joseph Baron, Born Feb. 25, 1921 at the, Cantriff Inn, Abergavenny, Mon.'

Rose says of his birth: 'The ladies attending the birth thought the baby was stillborn and put him aside. But Emily's sister Eliza picked him up and swung him by his legs and smacked him and he breathed. Emily died less than a week later, of puerperal fever. About 6 local women died around the same time for the same reason. It was said that the midwife had an infection under her finger nails.'

Brought up by his Aunt and Uncle, the Robertses, (together with Eileen Embry) after the death of his mother.

1921 census: living with uncle, aunt, and cousin at 18 Park Street, Abergavenny. Age is 4 months, and place of birth is Abergavenny.

1939 register: living at 18 Park Street, Abergavenny, with Tom and Eliza Roberts. Occupation is motor trade apprentice.

At various times a tool-maker, local councillor, and owner of a taxi firm. The garage and vehicles were kept at the Lamb Yard, at the back of the Lamb Inn. The main garage there was a barn remaining from when it had been farmland and farm cottages. It was said to be haunted.

Pictured at the wedding of Rose Embry: