John McKinnon
born very roughly 1874
died April 1900–October 1901

1900: described as an 'Innkeeper's Barman' on the birth certificate of his son John Dundonald.

1901: in the army 'Record of Deceased Soldiers' Effects' there is an entry for 'McKinnon' of the '78 F.B. R.A.' (which I interpret as '78th Field Brigade, Royal Artillery'). His rank is given as 'Gunner', and his service number is 78713. The date and place of death is not given. His account is 1s3d in credit, and there is an authorisation, dated 28.10.01 to pay this to his 'Wid Margt', with the note 'apparently not paid'.

1905: a 'J. McKinnon, Gunner, Royal Field Artillery' is listed on the Boer War memorial in Saltwell Park, Gateshead, erected in October 1905 'In Grateful Remembrance of the Gateshead Men who lost their lives in their Country's Service'.

1925: described as a deceased 'Gunner in Royal Field Artillery (Regular Army)' on the marriage certificate of his son John Dundonald.

The family story is that he died of Yellow Fever.