John Makinson
born June 1776–June 1781
died 1841–1851

1804: described as a weaver at the time of his first marriage, and able to write his name.

1806: described as 'John Makinson of Charnock' in the Blackrod parish register entry for the birth of his daughter Betty.

1841: living with wife, children, and others on 'Common Land', near Makinson's. He is a farmer in the 60–64 age bracket, and is said to have been born in Lancashire.

Dead by the 1851 census.

In the 1851 census his second wife Isabella is living on Adlington Common, and is said to be a 'farmer of 20 acres'. There is a place (a farm presumably) marked as Makinson's on the 1849 1:10560 map of Lancashire and Furness, between Blackrod and Adlington. It appears to be called Goodman's Fold Farm nowadays.

There seem to be two good candidates for the christening, at either end of the likely birth period. It might help to find the death record, and thence firm up a bit on the date of birth. There is a plausible-looking burial record for a John Makinson of Adlington, aged 65, at Standish church on 5 January 1844. Curiously, though, I can find no perfectly corresponding civil registration certificate; the nearest is a March quarter of 1845 death in Chorley district (v. 21, p. 303).