Jane Claughan
born June 1806–April 1807
  in Chester-le-Street, Co. Durham
died 1881–1891

1841 census: living in St Giles, with husband and children. Surname spelt 'Lowery'. Age is 34, and she was born in the county.

1844: living in Monk Heslesden at the time of the birth of her son Daniel.

1851 census: living on Broomside Lane, St Giles, with husband and children. Surname spelt 'Lawery'. Age is 47, and place of birth is Chester-le-Street.

1861 census: living in Colliery Houses, Durham, with husband, children and grandson. Age is 54, and place of birth is 'Lampton'.

1881 census: living in Sherburn village, with husband, daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren. Age is 73, and place of birth is Lumley.

The death of a Jane Lowery aged 80 is recorded in the June quarter of 1888 in Durham district (10a208).

Her maiden name, Claughan, is also borne as a surname by one of her children, and apparently as a middle name by her son James (though spelt Claphan on his birth certificate). There seems to be a family with this highly unusual surname in Chester-le-Street around the late eighteenth/early nineteenth century. A transcription of Chester-le-Street marriages shows the marriage of one Thomas Claughan to one Jane Gibson on 29 April 1805. Could they be her parents? Speculative, but worth investigating. NB this website owned by Alan Claughan, who seems to be interested in the origins of his family name.