Grace Smith
born March–May 1836
  in Preston, Lancashire
died 9 February 1910
  in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire

Surname from son Joseph's birth certificate.

Harry Jack says she was baptised in St John's church, Preston on 6th May 1836. Harry says that Betty's baptism record in the online Parish Records shows the family living in Spring Street, Preston—a continuation of Bow Lane.

1838: Harry Jack says that young Joseph's baptism record shows the family living in Marsh Lane, Preston—Spring St/Bow Lane joined it.

1841 census: living with mother and siblings, and ?lodgers at ?Brigs Lane, Preston. Age is 4, born in county.

1851 census: living with mother and siblings at 30 Bow Lane, Preston. Occupation is Cotton Power Loom Weaver. Age is 15 and place of birth is Preston. Harry Jack notes that Bow Lane is 'about a quarter mile from Preston engine shed.'

1857: at time of marriage she is 21, living on Bow Lane, and working as a weaver.

1861 census: living with husband, daughter, and mother at 8 Lodge Street, Preston. Occupation is Cotton Weaver. Age is 25 and place of birth is Preston.

1864: living at "Groffield" [Grofield], Abergavenny, at time of death of daughter Elizabeth (according to Harry Jack).

1871 census: recorded in Abergavenny as wife of the head of household at The Cantriff, Chapel Road. She is aged 36. Born in 'PRESTON (Lancs.)'.

1872: Husband Thomas's diary records: "Took Springfield Cottage Cantrif October 11 1872. Came in October 22 1872." Rose adds: 'could well be the cottage next-door-but-one to the Cantref (with Auntie Violet's little cottage in between)'.

1891 census: Living at Prospect Cottage, North Street, Abergavenny, with husband and children. Age is 55 and place of birth is Preston.

1901 census: she is 65, born in Preston.

1910: Harry Jack has a copy of her death certificate:
Died 9th February 1910 at Prospect House, North Street, Abergavenny Urban District. Age 73, widow of Thomas Baron: formerly Night Foreman, Locomotive Sheds, L. & N. W. R. Cause of death: Chronic Asthma Congestive Apoplexy Syncope. Certified by R. M. Foley, M. B. Informant: Joseph Baron, son, 99 North Street, Abergavenny, on 9th February 1910. B. C. Morris, Registrar.