George Robertson
born February 1827–February 1828
  in Gloucester, Gloucestershire
died 9 March 1880
  in Gloucester, Gloucestershire

Details from from Peter Smith:
'b 1827-8, Littleworth, Gloucester, bp 9 Feb 1828, Christ Church, Gloucester; d 9 Mar 1880 ("found dead in bed: jury said he died of natural causes"), County Lunatic Asylum, Wotton St Mary, Gloucester; Butcher of Gloucester: Commercial Rd, St Owen, (1854-6), 46 Oxford St (1858-66), 7 Eastgate St (1868-76), 8 Goodyer St (1877-80) (freeholder by 1877) (Admons. 11 Jun 1880, Gloucester, to widow EMILY SARAH ROBERTSON, sureties JOHN MILES ROBERTSON, Butcher of 8 Goodyere St; effects under £50, no leaseholds)'.