George Richardson Patterson
born 11 July 1838
  in Colliery Row, Co. Durham
died 10 January 1917
  in Daisy Hill, Co. Durham

1838: I have an image of his birth certificate (courtesy of Les Lake). Place of birth is given as 'Collier Row' (presumably Colliery Row), Houghton-le-Spring. No middle name is given. The birth was registered on the 20th July.

1841 census: living with parents and sister at Colliery Row, Houghton-le-Spring. Age is 3, born in county.

1851 census: living at Grange Row, Carrville, with father, step-mother, siblings and step-siblings. Age is 13 and place of birth is Colliery Row. Occupation is 'waggon driver in coalmine'.

1859: On marriage certificate he is described as a bachelor, aged 21, living on Railway Row.

1861 census: living at Carr Row, West Rainton, with wife, son, and visitor (Mathew Henderson, 11, a scholar). Age is 24, place of birth is 'Pensher', and profession is Joiner (journeyman).

1862: on the birth certificate of his daughter Mary Jane, his middle name is given in full. His occupation is given as joiner.

1868: Place of death of his first wife Elizabeth was Junction Row, Newbottle.

1869: on (second) marriage certificate he is 30, a bachelor, profession is joiner, and residence is 'Philidelphia, near Fence Houses'.

1871 census: living at 9 Junction Row, Newbottle, with wife and children. Age is 32, place of birth is 'Old Pensher', and profession is Joiner.

1881 census: living at New Winning, Ouston, with wife and children. Surname spelt 'Pattison'. Age is 43, place of birth is Penshaw, and profession is Cartwright.

1883: occupation is given as Joiner on daughter Isabella's birth certificate.

1891 census: living at 63 Pleasant Row (formerly Brick Row), Waldridge, with wife and children. Age is 50, place of birth is 'Pensher', and profession is Joiner.

1901 census has a George R. Patterson, 64, living at 60 Pleasant Row, Edmondsley, with wife Jane, and various children. His occupation is given as joiner and place of birth is Penshaw.

1917: I have an image of his death certificate (courtesy of Les Lake). Place of death is given as Front Street, Daisy Hill. His middle name is given (for the first time). Age is given as 78. Occupation is given as Colliery Joinery. Causes of death were influenza and pyelitis uraemia (kidney failure as a result of urinary tract infection). The death was registered on the 10th January by his son Ralph.