Mary Ann Coe
born 26 March 1883
  in Edmondsley, Co. Durham
died very roughly 1953

Details from Margaret Cozens. (NB father unknown—may or not be same as father of William Coe.)

Sometime after mother's death in 1888 she and brother William were placed in the Union Workhouse, Chester-le-Street.

1895: Margaret Cozens has gone through the Meeting and Minutes books of the Union Workhouse. Under 7th March 1895 she found a reference to a proposal that 'the application of Mrs Bell of New Lambton to adopt the girl named Mary Ann Coe aged 11 years, an inmate, be granted.' Under 21st March 1895 she found: 'with reference to the girl Mary Ann Coe, an inmate (mentioned at the board's last meeting), W. Aikman stated that the aunt of this girl had applied to take the girl and also her brother out of the House and maintain them, and, as the Board were assured by the Vice-Chairman that the children would be well cared for, the application was granted.'

1901 census (details from Margaret Cozens): living at 2 Adelaide Terrace, Benwell, Tyneside, Northumberland, working as a servant for a Jane Hedley. Known as 'Molly' Coe.

1903: At time of marriage, a spinster living in barracks with the groom, aged 19.

Margaret Cozens: 'it is believed that she went to either Canada or America. This is what Grandad Coe told Grandma. [...] I have tried to find out about this, but the only thing I have seen is a name on one World Tree, and the Mary Ann Coe was born the same year as our Mary Ann but in the May 1883 not the March.'