I've contributed to the National Geographic's Genographic Project, and now have the results of their 12-marker testing.

I'm a member of Haplogroup I (M170) (subclade I2b1 according to Whit Athey's Y-Haplogroup Predictor).

A while back I hit a wall in my family tree research because my paternal-line great-great-grandfather was unknown. It's occurred to me, though, that my Y-chromosome data offers an opportunity to reveal the identity of my mystery ancestor. The Prince of Wales perhaps? Or maybe just another Durham coal miner...

Anyway, here are my genetic markers:

393 19 391 439 389-1 389-2 388 390 426 385a 385b 392
15 15 11 11 14 16(=30) 13 24 11 16 16 12

If you're a close match for these markers, it would be great to hear from you!

jon_ychrom at joncoe dot me dot uk