Elizabeth Parry
born February 1799–December 1800
  in Blaisdon, Gloucestershire
died 16–30 May 1877
  in Blaisdon, Gloucestershire

Details from Terry Freeman: '[Ann Agnes's] mother was Elizabeth who was from Blaisdon; when she married [...] they went to Littleworth in Hemstead, Gloster. Elizabeth's former name was (Parry)'. According to Terry her marriage to Frederick was her second (first marriage was to a man named 'Holford').

1837: named as 'Elizabeth Robertson formerly Alford' on the birth certificate of her daughter Ann Agnes, and said to be living in Littleworth at the time. A month later, on Ann Agnes's baptismal record, she is described as living in South Hamlet.

1840: living in Littleworth at the baptism of her son, Frederick.

1841 census: living in Littleworth, Gloucester with husband and children. Age is 40–44, born in county.

1842: living in Littleworth at the baptism of her son, Albert George.

1851 census: living in at 33 Littleworth Street, Littleworth, Gloucester with children. She is a widow, working as a greengrocer. Age is 49(?), born in 'Blaizon'.

1877: Terry Freeman says: 'Elizabeth died in Blaisdon, Westbury-On-Severn, age 77 in 1877'. forest-of-dean.net has a record of the burial of one Elizabeth Robertson in Blaisdon on 30 May 1877.