Elizabeth Makinson
born 3 April 1806
  in Blackrod, Lancashire
died 7 September 1849
  in Wigan, Lancashire

Often known as 'Betty'.

1806: the Blackrod parish register for 1806 has the entry 'Betty 1st Dr of John Makinson of Charnock by Peggy his wife Dr of Richd Bond of Blackrod born April 3d Bapd 27th'.

1840: living in Pemberton at the time of the birth of daughter Jane. Maiden name is Makinson on Jane's birth certificate.

1841 census: living with husband and children on Lady Lane, Pemberton. Age is 30–34, born in county. Harry Jack notes that 'the 1840s Ordnance 6" map shows Lady Lane in Pemberton, a half-mile country road running south-east to the hamlet of Goose Green, nearly 2 miles south-west from Wigan town centre, so quite rural in those days'.

1849: Entry from Thomas Baron's diary: 'Betty ther Mother Died Sept. 8. 1849 and was Buired at Standish Church, Lancashire'. I have a copy of her death certificate, whereon the death is said to have taken place at 11 a.m. on 7 September 1849 at School Common, Wigan (and was registered the same day). The cause of death is given as 'Cholera 1 day not certified'. Her age is given as 42.