Elizabeth Bowyer
born April 1764–December 1768
  in Dymock, Gloucestershire
died 28 April–12 May 1856
  in Blaisdon, Gloucestershire

1768: in the Dymock parish register the baptism of Elizabeth, daughter of John and Eleanor Bowyer, is recorded on 3 December. The entry states 'Callow' at the end of the line—does this indicate that the family were or had been resident in Callow? (Callow is in Herefordshire, some seventeen miles away.)

1841 census: living at 'Bell' [Farm?] in Blaisdon parish. She is aged 70[–74], and was born in Gloucestershire.

1851 census: living with children in Blaisdon village. She is a widow, aged 86, and her place of birth is Dymock.

1856: her burial, at age 87, is recorded in the Blaisdon parish register under 12 May.