Eliza Davies
born 24 February 1878
  in Bacton, Herefordshire
died 24 October 1964

Birth is recorded in the Family Bible: 'Eliza Bourne Feb 24 1878 at Bacton'.

Known as 'Li'.

She and Tom brought up her sisters' (Emily Blanche and Caroline Minny) children, Joseph Baron and Eileen Embry (and consequently was known to Joe's daughter Rose as 'Nanny'. Rose says: 'Nanny was the family 'matriarch' who took the place of the stiff and starchy Aunty Kate when she died, and our houses in Park Street were the hub that the older generation of the family converged upon.'

Rose Humphries remembers her talking about having been in service in Willesden, London.

1921 census: living with husband, niece, and nephew at 18 Park Street, Abergavenny. Age is 43 years and 4 months, and place of birth is Bacton.

1939 register: living at 18 Park Street, Abergavenny, with husband and foster son, Joseph Baron.

Death is recorded in the Family Bible: 'Eliza Roberts, October 24 1964'.

Pictured at the wedding of Rose Embry: