Edmund Powell
born 11 October 1801
died 10 June 1843

Name and date of birth from Maureen Farrimond.

The Longtown Historical Society website has a summary of Edmund Powell's will. This must surely be the right Edmund Powell, because of the reference to his sister Sophiah, and her husband John Williams, blacksmith of Llanveynoe. According to this document (National Library of Wales, BR1845/11), Edmund Powell died on the 10 June 1843.

The summary of the will, dated 24 October 1840, is as follows:
Beneficiaries: To his sister Sophiah Williams, and her husband John Williams, Blacksmith, of Llanveynoe, all his property in Bacton and St Margarets, and after their death to be equally divided between the two children of his sister.
To his sister Sophiah, £50, to be paid by Maryann Phillips of the Griglands farm, Newton . His friend William Watkins, freeholder, of the Lower Cwm, Llanveynoe, to be trustee over his sister Sophiah and her children, and his niece, Maryann Phillips, until the youngest child is 21. For this he is to have £5 for lawful expenses. If Sophiah should die before this, then William Watkins is to take charge of the children and bring them up 'in a Christian like manner'.

The full text is available as a set of thirteen images, which I am in the process of transcribing.