Edith Ann Baron
born April 1879–April 1880
  in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire
died very roughly 1949

1891 census: Living at Prospect Cottage, North Street, Abergavenny, with parents and siblings. Age is 11 and place of birth is Abergavenny.

Present in 1901 census, living with parents.

1910: Edith A. Baron is the informant for her father's death; she was living at Prospect House, North Street, Abergavenny, on 14th January 1910.

Grandpa recollects that the Wilsons had a cycle shop in Cross St, Abergavenny, opposite the town hall. When her brother Joseph's penny farthing was given to the Wilsons they had it displayed in the window of their cycle shop. Grandpa says Nanny Roberts bought him his first bike from that shop, a Hercules which he had for many years and it cost 3 pounds, 19 shillings and 11 pence; it was a single speed and if he'd had a 3-speed it would have cost an extra pound. A young man who worked in the shop (he presumes another cousin) took him with it to Bailey Park and taught him to ride it there.