Dorothy Taylor
born April 1821–April 1822
  in Burradon, Northumberland
died 1896

The LDS has a record of the christening of a Dorothy Taylor in Gosforth on 21 January 1821 (parents James and Ann). Gosforth is the right area (between Burradon and Fawdon). NB, though, that another Dorothy Taylor christening is recorded in Newcastle on 10 December 1820 (parents James and Mary).

1843: at marriage, described as 'of full age'. Residence is Mushroom (no longer used as a district name, but Audrey Thorogood has kindly clarified its location as being the area downstream of Ouseburn, around St Lawrence Rd in Newcastle).

1851 census: living at Waldridge Fell, with husband and children (and a servant!). Age is 28 and place of birth is 'Durham' [meaning the county, I think].

1871 census: living at 18 Blue Row, Waldridge, with husband and sons. Age is 49, place of birth is 'Northumberland, [...] Sq'.

1881 census: living at 14 East Row, Waldridge, with husband and granddaughter, Dorothy Auflick. Age is 59, place of birth is 'Fawdon, Northumberland'.

1891 census: living at Fell[?] Edge, Waldridge, with husband, grandson John Auflick, and lodger, John M. Clues[?]. Age is 69, place of birth is 'N'umberland, Burradon'.

1896: died in 1896 according to John Holmes.

Burradon and Fawdon are about 8 km apart, just north of Newcastle/Tyne; there is also a Benton Square nearby.