Alec T. Baron
born January–March 1918
  in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire
died very roughly 1988

An Alec T. Baron was born in Abergavenny district in the March quarter of 1918 (11a71) to a mother with the maiden name Jones.

Grandpa says he had a cousin Tom Baron, within a year of his age. He was possibly [Alex Baron's] son? Tom moved away from Abergavenny, and once when Grandpa had driven a coach party to Monmouth or Ross and was sitting waiting in his parked coach by the river a man he didn't know came up to the coach and got in. He'd seen the name on the side of the coach and introduced himself to Grandpa as 'your cousin Tom'. They had a long conversation. Grandpa thinks Tom must have given him his address because he and Grandma went to visit Tom at some point later, but Grandpa can't remember where; he says he thinks Tom and family had moved to somewhere in the countryside not close to Abergavenny and didn't have a car (as most people didn't in those days, so it wouldn't have been easy for Tom to get to Abergavenny from wherever he'd moved to).