Adam Holmes
born April 1820–February 1821
  in Daddry Shield, Co. Durham
died 1907

1821: christened 16 February 1821, according to Barbara Dickinson (NB that FreeReg says 15 February).

1841 census: (as Holms) living in Waldridge with mother and brothers (assuming Anthony and Francis are his brothers). Age is 15 (i.e. 15–19?), born in county.

1843: at marriage, described as 'of full age'. Profession is pitman and residence is Byker.

1851: on son Adam's birth certificate he is living in Waldridge, and occupation is 'Pitman'.

1851 census: living at Waldridge Fell, with wife and children (and a servant!). Age is 29, place of birth is 'Durham' [meaning the county, I think] and occupation is Coalminer.

1871 census: living at 18 Blue Row, Waldridge, with wife and sons. Age is 50, place of birth is Weardale, and occupation is Coalminer.

1876: present at son Adam's marriage, where his profession is 'Coalminer'.

1881 census: living at 14 East Row, Waldridge, with wife and granddaughter, Dorothy Auflick. Age is 60, place of birth is 'Daddrey Shields', and occupation is Coalminer.

1891 census: living at Fell[?] Edge, Waldridge, with wife, grandson John Auflick, and lodger, John M. Clues[?]. Age is 70, place of birth is 'St John Chapel, Weardale', and occupation is 'Lamp Hapur[?—probably 'Keeper'] at Colliery'.

1907: died in 1907 according to John Holmes.

Daddry Shield is a hamlet about a kilometre east of St John's Chapel in Weardale.